“Where is George?” – Protest Held outside NYC Office of George Santos

January 13 2023 – QUEENS, New York – Group of officials and residents gathered outside of alleged George Santos office in Queens to demand he resigns.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

NY-03 residents and Legislator Josh Lafazan are announcing the launch of the “Where’s George” campaign.

New York’s Third Congressional District residents are calling on local GOP leaders to “stop the Santos debacle.”

“It is clear from George Santos his own words that he will not resign. He has said that he’s not going anywhere.“ Lafazan went on to say, “I am here to remind you George, that we will make every single day in this district for you a living nightmare until you find us ” -Josh Lafazan

Concerned Citizens of NY-03 have come together on a Friday morning and called on GOP chair Joe Cairo, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman and New York State Senator Jack Martins to sign the bipartisan statement on congressional integrity.

“We need congress to expell him. I know this is extraordinary, but these are extraordinary times” – Officials and locals rally outside alleged George Santos office in Queens, calling for his resignation.

Constituents believe the bipartisan statement is important because it calls on Congress to expel Santos, from the US House of Representatives if he doesn’t resign.

“If republicans feel that they want Santos there, keep another liar, conman, weirdo, wacko in Congress, then they should probably make him their poster boy! “

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