FIRST LOOK INSIDE: First Recreational Weed Dispensery to Open in NYC at 4:20pm Today

December 29, 2022 Manhattan, New York – Today is the day, NYC’s first legal recreational marijuana dispensary will open in Manhattan, at 4:20pm.

Video by Kevin RC Wilson (FNTV

The Housing Works Cannabis co. near 8th street and Broadway in East Village part of Manhattan, will be the first to sell recreational Marijuana to the public starting today.

Opening is expect to draw hundreds of people looking to make their first legal purchase in NYC history.

Police presence and security are expected outside of the location.

Video by Kevin RC Wilson (FNTV

“What I’m holding here is the first legal cannabis sold in the state of New York. This comes from “SunGrown Upstate Farmers. Processed by local small processors and sold by Housing Works, a non for profit. Where the profits are going to go to charitable ends.” said Axel Bernabe – Chief of Staff & Senior Policy Director at NYS Office of Cannabis Management

“Housing Works has over 2,000 people that have secured tickets ahead of time, which is not mandatory, so we expect lines to be around the block” Bernabe added.

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