HUNDREDS Celebrate in NYC as Morocco becomes first African team to reach World Cup semifinals

December 10 2022 QUEENS, New York – Hundreds gathered on a busy Steinway Street in Astoria to watch and celebrate Morocco soccer game on World Cup.

Video by Olga Fe (FNTV

As the team scored, Morocco became the first African team to reach the semifinals in World Cup in almost a century of trying.

Morocco went on to defeat Portugal 1-0 in Qatar.

On november 29th, NYC soccer fans celebrated America’s win over IRAN team in FIFA World Cup today.

Video by Olga Fe (FNTV

“We are human, we bleed the same, we should be given the same rights as everyone else no matter where you are in the country”

fans commented on the protests happening in Iran

Crowds gathered at a busy bar in Chelsea, Smithfield Hall to watch the championship match.

The US men’s national team beat Iran 1-0 on Tuesday’s final stage match to advance to the Round 16 in the 2022 World Cup. On Saturday they will face off with Netherlands team.

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