Billionaires Row Maid Sickened in Suspicous Powder Mystery – MANHATTAN

November 29 2022 MANHATTAN, New York – Police say they discovered suspicious powder in a Manhattan Billionaire’s Row hotel room that has sickened one person.

Video by Dakota Santiago (FNTV

Police say that the suspect who entered the room was a “regular trespasser” who spent about two hours in the hotel room, unauthorized.

Allegedly a family of tourists visiting NYC was staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, losing their key card and checking out.

Family stated they had five keys to the room, and one was lost, they checked out at 10:30am and swipe from trespasser was registered at 11:20am, according to police.

It was then allegedly picked up by an individual who then made entry to their room, sources said.

Housekeeper cleaned a room and touched a white powder in the bathroom, later she felt sick and went to the hospital, police said

FDNY say they swabbed the room and it came back positive for explosives, prompting hotel’s evacuation. However they suspect the positive result for explosives may have been false.

Room key records showed that someone used the room, with the prior guests key card, after they checked out.

Police say they are not aware what the powder in the room was, as it has been cleaned up.

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