Two Young Kids found Stabbed, Dead in the Bronx, mother in custody: NYPD

November 26 2022 BRONX, New York – Two small children under the age of 4 have been found dead in the Bronx this Saturday evening, according to police.

“Baby was was already lifeless, it was already gone. They already had stab wounds to the neck, to the stomach, you know, she put charcoal in the oven, you know, to set the house on fire. You just wasn’t trying to kill the kids. You were trying to take everybody out with you, You know. It’s very selfish” -Shannon Holifield

Video by Daniel Valls (FreedomNewsTV)

According to police officials, at around 7:20pm, police were called to the shelter apartments at 246 Echo PI in the Bronx for a female acting erratically. Upon arrival, officers found a 24-year-old woman naked inside of her apartment trying to light items on fire. The woman was taken into custody without incident and transported by EMS to St. Barnabus Hospital for evaluation, cops said.

Just before 8:00pm, police were called back to the same apartment building for a call of two unresponsive young children, including a 11 month old baby and 3 year old boys who were both found unresponsive by police. The pair of young boys were located with multiple stab wounds to the neck and body before being rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Video by Daniel Valls (FreedomNewsTV)

A relative and police officers attempted to resuscitate the children with life saving procedures as EMS raced to the scene. Both the young 3-year-old boy and 11-month-old baby did not survive their injuries, police officials said.

According to an eyewitness, the two children were both unresponsive and covered in blood, with visible stab wounds about the body as their father held them.

Officials say they have the children’s mother in custody and investigation into her involvement in the deaths of the two young kids is currently underway.

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