Police Shoot and Kill an Alleged Gunman Threatening a Woman Brooklyn

November 10 2022 BROOKLYN, New York – Police shot and killed a man who they say was threatening to hurt a woman in Brooklyn on Thursday night.

Video by Dakota Santiago (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

Incident happened around 10:16 p.m. at the intersection of West 36th Street and Neptune Avenue, in Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Police received multiple reports of a man treatening to shoot a woman and shots being fired, according to officials.

Nearby police officers patrolling the area, herd the shots as two women came up to them, screaming, that there is a person firing a gun, officials said in preliminary reports.

Cops rushed to the scene and as they approach the male suspect, he immediately started shooting at the officers, officials said. The officers respond back by firing their weapons, as the suspect goes down to the ground he continues to fire at police, eventually stopping,officials said.

Police say they were able to subdue the suspect, handcuff him and render aid as they recovered his weapon.

Police say that four officers discharged their weapons and the man died at the scene.

Officers involved were taken to an area hospital and treated for ringing in the ears, police said.

This comes just one week after police shot and killed another person in New York City.

On november 3rd, police shot two people, killing one after gunfire erupted inside a deli in the Bronx on Thursday morning.

Around 11:30am, Plainclothes officers from the Queens Warrants Squad were parked in an unmarked vehicle in front the Deli, when a fight broke out inside, that spilled outside the business. Allegedly two men with guns fired at each other, prompting the officers who were there on an unrelated investigation, to fire at the gunmen, officials said.

Detectives are at the scene on E Gun Hill Road and Hull Avenue, investigating the shooting that occurred late Thursday morning in the Norwood section of the Bronx.

According to a preliminary investigation, two individuals were shot by NYPD officers, leaving one of them critically wounded, and another in a serious condition, officials said.

The critically wounded suspect was transported to an area hospital in police custody, officials said. The second suspect was also seriously injured and left with life threatening injuries during the shooting, police say.

One of the men shot has succumbed to his injuries.

Video by HG (FreedomNewsTV)

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