THOUSANDS gathered at Ron DeSantis and Lee Zeldin Rally in New York

October 29 2022 Hauppauge, NY – Thousands of people gathered on Long Island for Lee Zeldin rally where Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke in support of Zeldin’s run for Governor.

Video by NewYorkCityPeople and Scootercaster (FreedomNewsTV)

Governor DeSantis spoke heavily on crime, using Florida as model of what New York could with Lee Zeldin elected as governor.

“Florida is a Law and Order state, I am a Law and Order Governor. If Lee Zeldin gets in the office, New York will become law and order state”

Governor Ron DeSantis speaking on stage as Thousands gathered for Lee Zeldin rally on Long Island

“You didn’t see me two years ago, marching, attacking law enforcement ” Ron DeSantis spoke at Lee Zeldin rally in New York – “You need to stop coddling criminals”

“When that started”, Ron DeSantis spoke about the riots in 2020, “I called the national guard immediately”, adding that “if Lee Zeldin was governor back when that happened he would have done the same thing”

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