NY Governor Candidate Lee Zeldin Endorsed by ‘MTA Supervisors’, NYPOST, to be Joined by Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin

October 28 2022, BROOKLYN, New York – Lee Zeldin, republican candidate for NY Governor was endorsed by ‘MTA Supervisors’, led by Mike Carrube on Friday morning at Brooklyn Borough Hall. The endorsement comes following a bus incident that gained national attention, where a person hijacked the bus with a fake gun, with driver fleeing by jumping out of the window in Queens.

Video by Steve Sanchez (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

On Saturday, Florida Governor DeSantis is heading to Long Island to stump for Lee Zeldin, and on Monday Zeldin is joined by VA governor Glenn Youngkin, in the final days leading up to election.

On October 27 2022 in QUEENS, New York – A man armed with a fake gun hijacked an MTA bus, as the bus driver jumped out of the window, in Queens early Thursday, police say.

Video by Martin Callender (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

The bus hijacker then crashed the vehicle into a utility pole a few blocks away from where the bus was taken, according to police. Once the bus approached 232nd Street, the driver fled by jumping out of the window and the hijacker took over the bus.

Cops say the suspect ran up to the front of the Queens bus, while holding what resembled a gun around 7:30am, near 199th Street and Linden Boulevard in the Cambria Heights neighborhood of Queens.

As the man was causing a scene on the bus, the driver opened the doors, allowing a dozen passengers to escape, officials said.

Police and eyewitness both said the hijacker made statements about being chased and demanded the bus driver to keep driving, which he did, for about 30 blocks.

After the crash, the 44-year-old suspect got off the bus and was taken into custody by the police. The bus driver was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

The crash damaged several utility poles and downed wires that caused power outages for dozens of customers in the area.

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