Ukrainian Soldiers Arrive in New York City for Prosthetics Treatment

October 22 2022 NEWARK, New Jersey – Ukrainians and supporters gathered at Newark Airport to welcome Ukrainians soldiers who arrived for rehabilitation following injuries sustained while defending Ukraine in Lysichansk.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

Organization Kind Deeds raised funds for prosthesis and treatment at a US Hospital for the soldiers.

Anoton Domaratsky, 35-year-old, has helped to save another wounded defender in Lysichansk when he was blown up by a mine, resulting in a loss of his right leg.

Viktor Nesterenko 23 years-old, was born in the Donestk region where he worked in a coal mine prior to joining frontline.

In 2022 he joined Ukrainian Armed Forces, during the battle in Marianka, he was wounded, blown up on a mine, where he lost his left leg.

The Ukrainian soldiers are staying for three weeks in order to be properly fitted for their prosthetics and the two soldiers are the first to arrive through the program. Many more are expected to continue with the same prosthetics program.

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