Man Charged with Manslaughter After Argument Resulted in Man Falling on Train Tracks and Dying

October 18 2022 QUEENS, New York – Police arrested and charged 50-year-old Carlos Garcia with Manslaughter, after man got getting hit by a train and died, following a fight on a platform, police said.

Video by HG (FNTV

Victim was allegedly in a fight with another person on the train when the fight spilled on the F train platform, while train was at Roosevelt and Broadway in Queens, police said.

Video by HG (FNTV

48-year-old male accidentally bumped a cell phone out of a 50-year-old man’s hand, when a dispute turned physical, police say. As they fought, victim ended up on the road bed and was struck by an oncoming train, officials confirmed.

The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition, later dying from his injuries. The man he fought with was taken into custody, and is now charged with Manslaughter, according to officials.

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