Hundreds Protest Russia in NYC Following Deadly Attacks in Ukraine

October 10 2022 – MANHATTAN, New York: Hundreds gathered outside of the Russian Consulate in NYC on Monday evening, to protest Russian President Vladimir Putin’s barrage of brutal fatal strikes on civilian targets in Kyiv and around Ukraine this morning.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

The Consulate, still covered in red paint after having been vandalized several weeks ago, was surrounded by noisy Protesters chanting, “Putin is a killer” and “ZSU” (meaning Joined Forces of Ukraine).

Early Monday morning, Ukraine reported that at least 75 missiles were fired into Ukraine this Monday morning.

As of 11:35am, Russia fired at least 83 missiles at Ukraine, 43 of them were shot down, according to Deputy Minister of Defence Hanna Maliar.

Explosions hit multiple civilian areas including pedestrian bridge near Freedom statue, German consulate in Kyiv and Shevchenko University area and park, all in Central Kyiv during busy morning hours.

At least 43 out of 83 missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defense according to Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Moldova says that three russian missiles crossed Moldovan air space on monday: “Three cruise missiles launched on Ukraine this morning from Russian ships in the Black Sea crossed Moldova’s airspace.” said Deputy Prime Minister

“I instructed that Russia’s ambassador be summoned to provide an explanation.”

President Zelensky had an urgent call with Emmanuel Macron. “We discussed the strengthening of our air defense, the need for a tough European and international reaction, as well as increased pressure on the Russian Federation”

Zelensky announced that he agreed with Chancellor Scholz of holding presidency of G7 on an urgent meeting of the Group.

“My speech is scheduled, in which I’ll tell about the terrorist attacks by RF. We also discussed the issue of increasing pressure on RF & aid in restoring damaged infrastructure.”

Lukashenko announced that he and Putin have agreed on “deploying a regional group of Russian and Belarusian forces”. The process has been under way for two days, LUKASHENKO has also accused Ukraine of “opening a front” against BELARUS.

Russia allegedly used high-precision missiles in the attack on October 10, – Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“X-101, X-555, which are launched from strategic bombers from the Caspian region, as well as Kalibr missiles from the Black Sea, as well as Iskander, S-300 and Tornado are used.”

Ukrainians are urged by the government to stay in the shelters for time being.

Missiles hit multiple cities across Ukraine including Kyiv, Sumy, Odessa Lviv, Donetzk, Kharkiv, power outages reported in Lviv and Kyiv at this time.

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