Protester Shoved to the Ground as Altercations Occure during Abortion Protest outside NYC Church

September 3 2022 MANHATTAN, New York – Altercations erupt between security at the Basilica of Old St. Pat’s and pro-abortion counterprotests during the monthly clinic defense where a anti-abortion faith group routinely march to Planned Parenthood and interfere with the patients.

Video by Karla Cote (FNTV

Altercations occured between, what they identified themselves as, Church Security and pro-abortion rights counter protesters, where at least two activists was seen shoved to the ground following confrontations.

Manhattan’s Basilica of Old St. Pat’s church does a monthly procession towards the local Planned Parenthood clinic, where they disrupt patients going in for treatment.

Video by Karla Cote (FNTV

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