Woman Injured After Falling Through Bathroom Floor into Basement – BRONX

August 28, 2022 Bronx, New York: Woman left injured after falling through her apartment bathroom floor into the basement in the Bronx.

Video by Daniel Valls (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

Just before 10:00am, a woman was rescued from the collapsed floor of a Bronx building apartment, where she fell through to the basement,officials said. Police received a 911 call for an “unstable building structure” at 1204 Shakespeare Avenue and firefighters transmitted an all hands alert to bring additional resources to properly contain the situation.

Firefighters advised that one person was injured during the bathroom floor collapse into the basement, EMS on site stated that the woman sustained minor injuries and was taken to an area hospital for further medical evaluation.

Tenants say they have previously shared the issues in the building with the landlord and the super.

Tennats say that building gets regular inspections , but they fail. While FNTV Journalist was filming the scene, Building Department arrived to put an eviction notice for the apartment in question.

It’s unknown at this time what the cause of the collapse was and city investigators are working to determine if the structure is safe, according to officials.

Video by Daniel Valls (FreedomNews.TV)

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