Palestine Supporters March through New York City Following Israel-Gaza Conflict Escalation

August 08, 2022 | MANHATTAN, NY: New York City activists and supporters of Palestine protest the latest attacks on Gaza by marching through the streets of Manhattan.

Some counter-protesters in support of Israel were present during the rally and March. Palestinian supporters rallied at 60 East 42nd Street in Manhattan NYC to protest the killings of at least 43 Palestinians that have been killed since August 5th, and the hundreds of others that have been wounded in airstrikes by Israeli occupation forces.

The group peacefully took over Grand Central station during their March with chants and held up signs for those at the station to witness.

Video by Karla Coté (FreedomNews.TV)

Protesters that gathered for a rally at the “Friends of the IDF” building and then marched through Grand Central and the streets of Manhattan continued on to the United Nations.

No arrests were made on either side and both groups eventually dispersed peacefully.

Video by L2FTV (FNTV FreedomNews.TV)

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