Second Suspect Charged in Murder of Rapper Kamir King at NYC Studio: NYPD

July 25 2022 Manhattan, New York – A second Suspect has been arrested and charged in the murder of rapper Kamir King, killed on May 5th in Manhattan recording studio.

Video by L2FTV for FNTV

Police say they arrested Daniel, Williams, 21-years-old, and charged him with murder.

On May 05, 2022 in Manhattan, New York, two men were found shot to death at a home recording studio located inside a residential building in midtown Manhattan. One of the men and who police believe to be the intended target was shot in the head. According to NYPD officials, police from the midtown south precinct responded to reports of gunfire at 354 W37 street in the Hells Kitchen Neighborhood of Manhattan just after midnight.

Upon their arrival, officers confirmed two males were shot and located the second victim, 34-year-old Harlem man Kamir King, with a gunshot wound to the head on the third floor of the building. King was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The additional victim, a unidentified male was found outside and unresponsive in front of the building just next door to the shooting location, with a gunshot wound to his stomach. The victim was also taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later, cops said.

Officers also recovered a weapon from the scene. The firearm was located near the first victim outside of a building on West 37th Street.

Police requested backup units to help with a suspect and evidence search. Initially the search details over police radio transmissions was for four male suspects, 1 Hispanic and 3 black males that fled the shooting scene.

“There’s been just a lot of violence lately. I just hope everyone in New York, midtown Manhattan, everyone’s safe and no one gets harmed. Thats just my wish.” -Ian

“I live right across the block, right, and we were just going out to shop and then we saw a lot of cops around here, so we actually went inside.” Ian went on to describe the moment he and his girlfriend saw one of the shooting victims.

“We saw at least one person with a hoodie, covered in blood. And then, we were like so surprised, we started like walking backwards, right? And then we saw a couple, a lot of cops walking in saying Oh, multiple shot, on their radio. So I think what happened was like, there was like a guy in the building, and then multiple people were shot. It’s a scary world man.”

When asked by our FNTV journalist how he felt seeing the victim covered in blood, Ian responded

“The fact that I live near here was kind of scary to me, deep inside. And I was just like, hoping that next time when I walk past this area or just anywhere in general in Midtown, I hope that people are safe. Myself included, not hurt by any violence.”

Ian and his girlfriend didn’t hear the shots they just encountered the aftermath that spilled onto the residential street. When asked if this violent incident so close to his home is making him reconsider his living situation, Ian said

“You know, it does give me a second thought, maybe like a different state. Or like at least Long Island. But lately, there’s been a lot of like Asian hate crimes as well. You know, there’s been just a lot of violence lately. I just hope everyone in New York, midtown Manhattan, everyone’s safe and no one gets harmed. Thats just my wish.”

Video by Dakota Santiago (FreedomNewsTV)

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