Protesters “Shut Down” Hamptons Airport, Demanding to “Tax the Rich”

July 11, 2022 | EAST HAMPTON, New York: Protesters were arrested after attempting to block an entrance to the East Hampton Airport used by private jets, Monday morning around 9am.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster

The group, New York Community for Change, gathered to protest climate change and to demand to ‘Tax the rich’.

As the group blocked the roadway into the airport, another protester was suspended on top of a tall tripod. It took police a couple hours to find a way to get the demonstrator down safely, eventually using a cherry picker and placing her under arrest.

At one point, as the demonstrators where about to leave, a woman blocked their vehicle, explaining “They blocked the entry for how long??”. Small confrontation occured and then one of the protesters approached her and she claimed it was her own peaceful protest.

Earlier she had explained to one protester that she was upset they were targeting them, saying she doesn’t see any billionaires there and that she worked for many years to save up for her “tiny jet.”

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