Justice for Jayland Walker Protest Takes NYC Streets

July 3 2022 – MANHATTAN, New York:
Protesters marched in Manhattan to demand justice for Jayland Walker, who was shot at least 60 times by police in Akron, Ohio.

Video by L2FTV contributor for FNTV

Jayland Walker, 25, was shot and killed by police in Akron Ohio, just after midnight on Monday.

Akron police chief Stephen Mylett said during the press conference, that Walker was unarmed at the time of the shooting. They stated that he appeared to have shot a gun out of his car during the pursuit.

Body cam video was released earlier today by Akron police department, showing the car pursuit, a light a gun like sound from the car then longer pursuit. The car eventually slowed down and police started a foot chase, first deploying taser, then shooting Jayland, according to press conference.

Gun shots went on for multiple seconds, police was unable to confirm how many shots were fired, they did confirm that victim was shot 60 times.

The group marched near Union Square after meeting around 7pm.

Video by L2FTV

Video by L2FTV

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