Climate Activists call for Emergency Vote after Supreme Court stops Environmental Protection Agency

June 30 2022 Manhattan, New York – Climate activists, including members of Extinction Rebellion, gathered in Foley Square in New York City for a demonstration in front of US Courthouse.

Video by Karla Cote (FNTV

Group protested against today’s Supreme Court ruling that curbed the EPA’S (Environmental Protection agency) ability to regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants.

Statement released by Extinction Rebellion, one of the organizers of the protest: “The Supreme Court is now complicit in the destruction of the planet, and is actively working to disassemble the federal government’s ability to regulate exploitative and destructive emissions practices, which are a key cause of the climate crisis. SCOTUS’s decision on the EPA and the Clean Air Act will lead to the death of millions — not just generations from now, but within our lifetimes.”

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