Chaotic Scenes in NYC as Dozens Abortion Rights Activists Arrested

Chaotic scenes as illegal assembly is announced video by Daniel Valls (FNTV

June 24 2022 Manhattan, New York – over 20,000 people gathered across New York City to protest decision by Supreme Court SCOTUS to overturn Roe V Wade, ending federal protection for abortions.

Multiple marches went on peacefully through the city, shutting down roads and bridges throughout the evening.

Protesters blocked the roadway near Bryant Park, Times Square area, promoting arrests.

Arrests of abortion rights activists blocking the roadway Video by Karla Cote (FNTV

Chaotic scenes arrupted as NYPD declared unlawful assembly, there were a total of about two dozen arrests in the area, according to sources.

June 24 2022 Los Angeles, California-Los Angeles, Calif., Abortion Rights activists march on the 110 Freeway during a march against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade.

Los Angeles protesters shut down the Freeway and block cars video by @AeonPhotoCo (FNTV
Video by @AeonPhotoCo (FNTV

Los Angeles Police arrested and pushed away abortion rights protesters.

Earlier in the night, NYC protesters stormed Fox News front gates, tagging the walls.

Video by Ken Lopez (FNTV

Video by @AeonPhotoCo (FNTV

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