Hit-and-Run Yellow Taxi Driver Slams into UES Chase Bank

June 19, 2022 | MANHATTAN, NY: A hit-and-run yellow taxi drove through scaffolding and slammed into a Chase bank on the Upper East Side of Manhattan early Sunday morning. A witness working across the street from crash site stated that a cab driver attempting to flee a collision with another cab on 5th avenue, lost control while making a left turn on 3rd Avenue before crashing into scaffolding that wrapped around the front of the bank.

At approximately 10:40am police responded to a report of a vehicle that crashed into a building with unstable scaffolding. Upon arrival, officers confirmed that a taxi cab crashed into a Chase Bank at East 79th street and 3rd Avenue. Both drivers were involved were injured during the incident and transported to an area hospital, police said. FDNY on scene reported an unstable scaffolding and damage to the building as a result of the collision.

One of our FNTV journalist spoke with doorman Danny Chillemi, at 200 E79th directly in front of the Chase bank at apartments he works at. Danny called 911 and helped the taxi driver out of his vehicle. The Taxi driver who crashed into the bank was handcuffed while still inside of the ambulance, arrested for fleeing the initial crash and causing the collision into the chase bank.

Witness: Danny Chillemi

“Breaks, we heard breaks, loud breaks and a loud collision. Then we ran out, me and my co worker. We saw that the cab hopped the curb and went into the bank and basically crashed right into the bank.” Danny went on to detail how he and another coworker tried to help the cab driver out of his vehicle.

“So, my coworker went over and helped him, helped him get out. He had to lift some of the debris up and help the driver get out of the car. At first, he didn’t want to get out of the car, I guess maybe in shock. So then he got out of the car and he went in the ambulance. Found out a little bit later that apparently he got into an accident with another car, he was fleeing the scene of an accident. So, he was arrested shortly after, they handcuffed him in the ambulance.”

Mr. Chillemi who works as a Doorman to the apartment building directly across the street from the Upper East Side bank said any other day and more people could of possibly gotten hurt due to the area being very busy with foot traffic. Both vehicles involved did not have any other passengers during the time of the collision and ironically enough the other vehicle involved was also a cab.

A construction crew worked to disassemble all scaffolding from the front of the Chase Bank before the vehicle could be removed.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNewsTV)

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