NJ Suspends Train Service Amid Labor Disputes

June 17, 2022 | NEW JERSEY: Transit rail service in New Jersey was shut down early on Friday evening due to a union dispute. Trains leaving out from Penn Station into NJ were operating until 8:05 p.m. The NJ Transit Agency is calling the halt of operations an “illegal and irresponsible action” by Union of Locomotive Engineers with and announcement made during rush hour.

Many canceled rides were seen on the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast lines. Some commuters were even left stranded as the agency’s service area was disrupted due to the massive engineer call-outs.

In Manhattan, New York crowds of people tried catching the last train out of Penn Station after the New Jersey labor strike forced cancelations on NJ Transit all day.

Commuters told independent journalists Luke L2FTV, that they are being directed to 42nd and 8th to take a bus.

Video by Luke L2FTV for (FreedomNews.TV)

Amid already heavy delays and cancelations, at approximately 4:50 p.m., service on the Hudson Bergen Lightrail was brought to a halt when a high tension eletrical cable collapsed on the same roadbed as a fully loaded rush hour train in between the 34th and 45th St. Stations.

Video by Dakota Santiago (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

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