51 Arrests after NY Senate Chambers Blocked in Albany

May 17, 2022 | ALBANY, NY: Hundreds of tenants and tenant rights supporters rallied in Albany on Tuesday afternoon. Tenants and supporters marched to the Senate & Assembly chambers where they then sat on the floor and blocked doors until state police removed the activists, leading to arrests of around 51 protestors.

The 51 arrests are a direct response to highlight the sense of urgency for the push for Good Cause, with only two weeks left in session. New York tenants are attempting to hold off a housing crisis of monumental proportions amid thousands of evictions.

Over a thousand protesters converged on the Legislative Office Building calling on politicians to support the passage of Good Cause Bill. Activists are calling for Good Cause Eviction Protections with help from state legislatures.

Video by Karla Cote (FreedomNewsTV)

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