Police Shoot & Kill Man in Bronx Dispute

May 13, 2022 | BRONX, NY: At approximately 7:00pm, a man was shot and killed by two plain clothed officers in the Bronx. According to NYPD officials, plain clothes NYPD narcotics detectives were in the immediate area responding to a separate incident, when detectives overheard a man threatening to produce a firearm during a dispute.

According NYPD officials, during a press conference at the scene, it was stated that one of the plain clothes detectives overheard a male suspect say that he was going to his vehicle to retrieve a gun. A description of the male going for the gun was given to other detectives at the scene.

The suspected male was then seen exiting a black Ford pickup truck at the corner of Hunts Point and Seneca avenue while displaying a gun in his hand, police said.

The male walked onto the sidewalk where a plain clothes detective wearing a police vest and shield walking towards the suspect gave the verbal commands “police don’t move” to which the suspect then raised his gun and fired one time, just missing the officer. Two plain clothed detectives returned a total of 10 shots, striking the suspect 5 times in the torso.

Plain clothed detectives gravely wounded the perpetrator and the man was rushed to Lincoln Hospital where he subsequently was pronounced dead, police said.

The two Narcotics detectives involved were also transported to Lincoln hospital and are received treatment for (Tinnitus) ringing of the ear. The incident occurred at the intersection of Seneca Avenue & Hints Point Avenue.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Video by Steve Sanchez (FreedomNewsTV)

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