NYPD guarding NYC Church as Abortion Protests are Rumored

May 08, 2022 | MANHATTAN, NY: A May 8 2022 Manhattan, New York – Hightened NYPD presence outside NYC Churches as pro-abortion rights protests are rumored nationwide on Mother’s day.

Police were seen setting up barricades and patrolling outside St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Video by Daniel Valls (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

On May 7th, pro-abortion activist group New York City for Abortion Rights held a rally outside the Basilica of Old St. Patrick in New York on May 7, 2022 in opposition to a anti-abortion faith group that routinely tries to deter patients seeking abortions at the nearby Planned Parenthood.

Overwhelmingly bigger numbers of Pro-abortion activists gathered at the church on Prince & Mott in Soho, causing the Anti-abortion group with smaller numbers to cancel their march. It’s being alleged that an America First member, who prayed at the entrance of the church was apart of the anti abortion group.

NYC performance artist Crackhead Barney made an appearance at the protest. No arrests were made and after several hours of protest the remaining protesters in both groups dispersed.

Video by Karla Cote (FNTV freedomnews.tv)

As part of a nationwide response on May 6th in Washington, DC, pro choice supporters organized throughout the country to rally and march for women’s rights. Abortion supporters are protesting the looming reversal of Roe v. Wade with actions leading into Mother’s Day weekend. Pro-abortion supporters are planning Mothers Day Protests at churches this Sunday. Activists are prepping for the anticipated overturning of legalized abortion and even plan to protest at homes of Supreme Court justices’.

Thousands gathered outside SCOTUS on May 3rd in Washington DC to protest a leaked draft to overturn the decision. Millions of women will be directly impacted by these results and it could turn places like New York into a sanctuary state. With Additional rally and protests planned throughout the week, barricades were set up outside SCOTUS in preparation for RoeVwade protests

“Fuck your religion” a group of pro-choice supporters chant as they confront a prayer group that walked into the middle of the protest while holding a cross. The group seemed un phased and proceeded to kneel down for prayer.

Verbal clashes broke out between the two groups.

In the middle of a pro-choice rally we also noticed two demonstrators in Proud Boy colors, who say that they’ve never heard of proud boys, while holding a sign that reads “Help a Brother Out Trying to get Roe V Paid” outside of SCOTUS. When asked if they were affiliated with the group, the two male’s in face masks replied “Not Proud Boys” and said they were told to “fuck off” by a Pro-life group.

When asked if they’ve had an interactions with the pro life group, the alleged proud boys responded with “Yeah, they called us fascists.” One of the two said he is a libertarian who supports DeSantis.

Two Men at abortion rally there to troll

The pair said they were just their to troll and make a dollar, “selling” wire clothes hangers attached to their sign was their self admitted preferred hustle. For safety precautions, throughout the entirety of the protest, police have kept the Pro-life and Pro-choice protesters separate from each other outside of SCOTUS.

“My Body! Your Choice? Fuck No!”

In New York York City a youth led march of Pro-choice supporters took to the streets Thursday afternoon. Hundreds of young New Yorkers marched from Union Square to Washington Square Park, as part of national protests chanting “My Body! Your Choice? Fuck No!”

Pro-life activists, who recently made headlines for having fetuses in an apartment, stormed into a DC office building that housed an abortion clinic inside to give them leaflets announcing a 25,000 award for information on Sabtangelo, who allegedly works at the clinic. The group didn’t get to the clinic, they instead placed the note under the door and passed a note to the next door mental health office.

A counter-protester began erasing chalk writing done by PAAU pro-life group as two Pro-life activists began praying outside the building with Abortion surgery clinic inside. M

Videos by Oliya Scootercaster & Ken Lopez (FreedomNewsTV)

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