Famous Ukrainian Medic Kept Prisoner, Possibly Tortured

Julia “Tayra” Paevska has been in Russian captivity since March 16 2022, she was captured in Mariupol #Ukraine

Paevska is a well-known Ukrainian sportswoman and a paramedic who reportedly saved more than 500 people during the war in Donbass.

Julia was captured in Mariupol where she was providing medical aid to locals as a volunteer. She was decommissioned from military service due to her disability. She has a disability and requires medical aid, Russia allegedly refuses to list her as a prisoner of war.

Russia accussed her to be a Nazi and a killer, shown her in a humiliating video, in which she looked like she was tortured, according to posts. Russia refuses to list her as a prisoner of war, denies all contact with her, it is not known if she is still alive.

This interview was recorded in Kyiv on February 20th 2022 during a civilian training, where Tayra was a guest teacher for first aid.

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