Clashes, Arrests at Berlin Mayday Demonstration

May 01, 2022 | BERLIN, GERMANY: Thousands took to the streets, marching in Berlin’s annual Mayday rally for workers rights. Police and protesters would clash and multiple people were arrested.

Berlin’s Revolutionary May Day demonstration had thousands of activists marching through the streets of Neukölln and Kreuzberg. The demonstration was headed by the Migrantifa group. Their focus was primarily on imperialism, fascism and racism.

This year the group ephasised freedom for Palestine, following arrests and clashes in Jerusalem and subsequent Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

The group marched peacefully for hours until clashes between police and protestors erupted once the demonstration reached its endpoint. Multiple arrests were made as protestors threw bottles and fireworks at police who responded with pepper spray and arrests.

Group also marched against gentrification, due to multiple evictions of left-wing squats in the last year, including the 30-year-old Köpie Platz in October 2022, and the soaring cost of rent in low-income and West-Asian neighbourhoods.

Video by Dominic Culverwell (FNTV for licensing

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