“First They Shot My Son, Then They Burned My House” – Ukrainian Lives Destroyed by Russian Occupiers

April 25 2022 – Russian forces occupied and later blew up a local school in Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. Soldiers invaded Bohdanyvka on March 8 and left on the March 29th. The school was used as their headquarters while they occupied the village for 21 days.

For context – there were no Ukrainian soldiers in the village of Bohdanyvka at any time during the Russian occupation. Because the location of the village had no strategic value, it was not expected that Russians would attack there. They did, however and destroyed even a local kindergarten.

A “gift from Russia” was left in the backyard of a house in Kyiv Oblast. This village had 7 death, and many more are still missing.

Maria Ivanivna, 70, said, “First they shot my son who ran into the house, then they shot at my house, House caught fire, we didn’t bring anything, what we had on us is what we left with.””As they walked by our burned down house, they were laughing, It was funny to them that we had no home. “

Locals all told us that soldiers kept repeating that they are there for just three days to free them of NazisTerritorial defense units were prepared to fight, however they were unable to get the weapons in time. Vadym Teplyuk says they only had 5 guns on the entire group, so they left the village and retreated to a nearby town as Russians moved in.

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