SWASTIKAS Drawn in Brooklyn Park at Night: NYPD

April 23, 2022 | BROOKLYN, NY: Early Saturday morning, two swastikas drawn in chalk were discovered by NYPD officers from the 84th precinct. Police responded around 2am to a call of a possible Nazi symbol sighting at Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn. The hate symbol was located near the playground of the park named after a member of the Beastie Boys, who famously originated from Brooklyn.

Upon arrival, officers were observed making notes on the incident and washing down an area of the park with water where it’s presumed the symbols may have been.

Brooklyns Yauch Park has been the target of hatred & anti-semitism in the past. Swastikas were once drawn on playground equipment back in 2016. In response to the hate symbols, community members held a “Stand Up Against Hate” rally.

Police are working to determine who the culprits are for vandalism in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood park and the investigation is ongoing.

Video by Dakota Santiago (FreedomNewsTV)

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