Multiple People Shot at NYC Subway, Undetonated Devices Found – Suspect on the Loose

16 people were injured in a shooting at a Brooklyn Subway station. A man in a construction type vest was seen in a gas mask, opening a cannister, filling train with smoke and proceeding to shoot at people.

April 12, 2022 | BROOKLYN, NY: At least 16 people were injured in a shooting that occurred at the 36th Street Subway station in Brooklyn this morning. Smoke was seen billowing out of a subway cart as crowds ran to safety and multiple victims collapsed due to injuries.

Video by Sam Hartson and HG (FNTV

According to police a total of 16 people were injured in this morning’s 36th Street Subway Station attack in Brooklyn. 10 victims were shot and 5 are listed in critical but stable condition. It was reported that possible explosive devices were also located at the 36th Street station. Trains were halted and the station was evacuated. FBI responded to the scene where at least 16 gunshot victims have been reported.

Police radio comfirmed a “mass casualty” response for multiple gunshot victims in Brooklyn subway station. Reporters headed to the scene for this developing story.

Heavy police presence at Union Square Station – Video by Kevin RC Wilson (FNTV

During a press conference regarding the incident, NYPD stated that a man wearing what appeared to be a gas mask, opened a cannister inside the train, filling it with smoke and started shooting people. NYPD says this is not being investigated as an act of terrorism.

Continuous reports of suspicious undetonated devices found in subways continue to flood 911 dispatch.

Police presence is also seen at other stations throughout New York City as a suspect search continues. The investigation into this incident is ongoing for this developing story.

Video by Sam Hartson, HG, Kevin RC Wilson, FNTV

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