Hundreds Of People Rescued From NJ Restaurant After Flooding

April 07, 2022 | Hawthorne, NJ: At approximately 10:20 p.m. rescue teams responded to 73 Wagaraw Rd. where rising river level caused by heavy rain in the area trapped several hundred restaurant patrons and workers at the Bottagra Restaurant. Patrons and workers alike made their way through flood waters after navigating the backlot of an industrial workshop.

The area looked completely flooded outside of the establishment. Restaurant manager spoke to us and said that upwards of as many as 300 people were inside and outside at the time the heavy rain and flooding started, employees and customers were taken by surprise at how fast the water accumulated. Hundreds of restaurant patrons and employees were evacuated due to the rising river level caused by heavy rain in the area.

Firefighters and emergency responders helped restaurant patrons wade through water to a higher ground as others decided to carry their significant others to dryer land.

Video by Dakota Santiago (FreedomNewsTV)

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