Borodyanka is “significantly more dreadful” than situation in Bucha – Zelenskyy

April 7 2022 Borodyanka, Ukraine – Hundreds of civilians were killed and some tortured and possibly raped in the city of Bucha after Russian troops retreated.

Ukraine President Zelenskyy said the situation in neighboring Borodyanka is ‘significantly more dreadful’.

Investigators said they found 26 corpses in the rubble in Borodyanka this Thursday.

German SIGINT and GEOINT confirms the Bucha massacres, that some people were interrogated prior to being executed, as reported by the Washington Post.

Mass Graves in Bucha on April 7 2022, video by Yuki Iwamura (FNTV

April 7 2022 Bucha, Ukraine – Bodies removed from Bucha following a massacre left behind as Russian troops retreated from Kyiv Oblast.

Video by Alex Kent (FNTV

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