Woman dies a week later after she and 6-year-old Son Hit by Car in Manhattan

April, 2022 | MANHATTAN, NY: Just a week after a horrific car accident in Harlem left a mother hospitalized, Jennifer Tolliver, 36, has died from injuries sustained during the incident. Tolliver was walking with her 6-year-old son near 145th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard when the pair were struck by an out of control vehicle that drove onto the sidewalk, cops said.

On the morning of March 28th just before 8:30 a.m., police responded to the wild scene where a 36-year-old mother & her 6-year-old son were both struck from behind by a vehicle that allegedly lost control before jumping the curb and injuring the two pedestrians. The accident occurred in the West Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan.

Damaged vehicle and the victims pink jacket

We spoke to a witness and 911 caller that declined to be on camera who told FNTV that she was working at her desk in a nearby business when she saw the car come to a stop right in front of her work. The witness mentioned that she saw the 38-year-old female victim on the hood of the vehicle as the car careened down the street right before she flew off.

That’s when the witness called police to the scene. She said upon police arrival they immediately began trying to resuscitate the woman wearing the pink jacket with life saving procedures.

According to police, the young child was rushed to Harlem Hospital in critical condition. NYPD Highway CIS was requested to the scene at W145 Street & Lenox Ave as both victims sustained life threatening injuries.

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By FNTV Staff Writer Ken Lopez

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