“Greco Did Nothing Wrong” Roger Stone shows support for NYPD cop accused of being his bodyguard

March 23 2022 Manhattan, New York – Officer Salvatore Greco, 39, who was seen with Roger Stone on Jan. 6, 2021, has been charged internally by the NYPD and faces possible termination. One of his charges is “conduct prejudicial to the good order and efficiency of the department.”

Roger Stone, longtime political adviser to Donald Trump made a visit to 1 Police Plaza this morning in support of officer Greco at his departmental trial. NYPD is trying Greco for violating department rules, by allegedly providing security to Mr Stone on and around January 6th, Washington DC.

“Yes, he was with me on January 5. Neither one of us was at the Capitol on January 6, nor do we know anything about.” – Roger Stone

Roger Stone affirms that Greco did not act as a security guard but accompanied him as a friend and emphasized that neither of them were near Capitol Riot on January 6th.

“He’s a hero, who has patrolled the graveyard shift to some of the most dangerous and undesirable precincts in New York. He has an unblemished record of service to the people in New York. He’s essentially being considered for termination and loss of pension, simply because he’s a supporter of President Trump and a friend of mine. He has never provided security for me. He is my friend. Yes, he was with me on January 5. Neither one of us was at the Capitol on January 6, nor do we know anything about.”, said Stone.

Following his visit to 1 Police Plaza, Stone went on to say, “Mayor Adams writes in his book, that when he was a police captain, he provided security for Mike Tyson, a convicted felon. Now they’re saying that Mr. Greco provided security for me that’s not even correct but yet associate with me. They argue I’m a convicted felon. Was there one standard, is there two? They investigated Adams, he was cleared. He went on to his career at NYPD and went on to become mayor. So why isn’t Greco being held to the same standards”

An NYPD prosecutor stated that The 14-year NYPD veteran carried a gun while working “uncompensated” as security for stone. Greco has also been accused of associating with convicted felons.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FreedomNews.TV)

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