Alleged MOMA Stabber Tells FNTV “What’s next?”

March 14, 2022 – MANHATTAN, NY: Gary Cabana, has been identified as a person of interest by the NYPD in the recent stabbing of two MoMa museum workers. The crazed patron who allegedly stabbed two people has been sharing his thoughts on the assault on social media.

“They knew who I was all along but the morons wasted hours searching the museum” – Gary Cabana MOMA SUSPECT

Cabana has even criticized the NYPD’s handling of the situation on Instagram as he is still on the loose for the crime of assault with a deadly weapon.

“They knew who I was all along but the morons wasted hours searching the museum when I was obviously long gone. With hundreds of witnesses watching but no heroes in the crowd that day.” Said Cabana

Gary Cabana, wanted MoMa Stabbing suspect

As the search continues Cabana, MoMa stabbing suspect takes the time to respond to our FNTV Journalist and other platform users asking him about him thoughts on the event. When asked what’s to come of all this, Cabana responds to FNTV,

“A bad one act play by some NYU student, possibly a book, most definitely a movie with Bradley Cooper playing me. But his leap across the counter (done by a look alike Hollywood stuntman) will look effortless while my jump looked like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz trying to do an Arthur Fonzarelli car hood slide or am I thinking of Starsky and Hutch original TV show.”, said Cabana

On March 12, two female MoMa employees were stabbed Saturday afternoon in New York City by a crazed patron. At around 4:15 p.m. Saturday afternoon, a 60-year-old man attempted to gain entrance, presenting a membership card and was denied entrance because his membership had been revoked and because of two prior incidents involving disorderly conduct at the museum on two separate recent dates leading up to the attack.

Police said the 60-year-old man became irate soon jumping over the reception desk and proceeded to stab two female museum employees multiple times about the body. According to police, the two MoMa employees were stabbed multiple times in the back, collarbone, and in the back of the neck. Both women were rushed by EMS to Bellevue Hospital where they received immediate medical attention and the two employees are expected to survive their injuries, police said.

The alleged attacker was caught on surveillance footage fleeing the museum on foot and police were able to put out an immediate description for officers canvassing the area. The 60-year-old man involved in today’s MoMa attack is also wanted for questioning in two other separate incidents that occurred in Midtown, said police officials. The attacker is described as a white male, last seen wearing a black jacket, a blue surgical mask, also under his jacket, a colorful patterned shirt with a hood.

No arrests have been made and as of Saturday evening. The suspect is at large but is known to the police for past interactions. The investigation into this incident is ongoing and the search for the suspect continues.

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNews.TV)

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