Missionaries Work 12+ Hour Shifts to Help Ukraine Refugees

March 10 2022 – TISZABECS, Hungary: From the outside it looked like an abandoned house, but inside this dark building near the border between Ukraine and Hungary is a mountain of humanitarian aid. The man inside was emotional and desperate to help the people of Ukraine, and said everyone he knows is doing everything they can to offer themselves to the refugees.

A volunteer missionary, Michel Van Boxtel, originally from Netherlands, spends his days now helping refugees fleeing war in Ukraine, this night he was delivering donations after working a 12 hour shift.

Van Boxtel has been living in Budapest for the last few years, where he runs a church for homeless people. Now that there is an influx of civilians crossing Hungarian border, he came to the crossing to help out the refugees. During the day he assists them off the bus, helps with directions, food, navigation and a kind words of support. Once his 12 hours shift ended he picked up donations and drove an hour away to drop them off with another volunteer.

There is a real sense of urgency in the volunteers here, their desire to help those suffering from the war in Ukraine is palpable.

Donations will now be transported to Ukraine to help civilians as well as displaced children. The volunteer going to Ukraine wished to remain anonymous, however he shared the desperation of what he has seen. He said they put everything they have toward those kids now, that many are left without parents and while there are people ready to adopt them, the adoption registry is not open. They will be providing food, mats, beds, medicine and every other possible nessecity to children who became the victims of Russian war on Ukraine.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FreedomNews.TV)

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