Heartbroken Ukraine Refugees Arrive in Hungary to Warm Welcome of Volunteers

March 10, 2022 Hungary – As hundreds of refugees from Ukraine cross the border into Hungary, busses loaded with war refugees continue to arrive at a Hungary school used as a refugee center. Volunteers and missionaries are assisting people in every possible way as Russia continues to attack Ukraine.

When families arrived they were greeted by volunteers distributing toiletries and snacks. Refugees were also helped with sorting out accommodations for transportation and children are being comforted with toys and games.

“Trip from Kyiv was horror. We drove for two days” – Vika

A woman named Vika and her young daughter Amilia arrived on the bus, she told us about their experience, “Trip from Kyiv was horror. We drove for two days, had problems with gas, but we are now here ” says Vika who has fled war with her 3 year-old daughter Amilia. Her husband drove them to the border and has stayed behind in Ukraine.

“They have already destroyed our home” – Refugee

A family reunited

A joyful woman greets her family who narrowly escaped from Kyiv Oblast “They have already destroyed our home” they say while crying, and detailing the horrors, “there are shootings, Russian tanks”. Their 75 years old grandma says she refused to leave but her granddaughter made her, she had to leave her son behind as he wants to defend his country.

“We came from Budapest and as you see, we made some hot dogs for everybody.” – Food Vendor from Budapest

Hungarian Food Truck Worker

Local food truck vendors are providing free meals, as well as hot food being served inside of the welcome center. Hungry families huddled around one tiny food truck who’s owners drove 3.5 hours from Budapest and are serving hot dogs and other items to anyone that is in need. “We came from Budapest and as you see, we made some hot dogs for everybody. Everybody who are hungry, we give some food, that’s all.” – Food Vendor from Budapest

Missionary from Netherlands, who moved to Budapest few years ago and runs a Church for Homeless, has also arrived at the center to assist refugees.

Michel Van Boxtel, who usually brings his guitar, has been helping while working 12 hours shifts.

An American volunteer handing out stuffed animals to children spoke with us, she said “It makes your heart warm because you’ll get a lil smile out of them. Yes, they’ll have something comforting. All is being organized free of charge with the help of many volunteers for people fleeing the war.

American Volunteer

A volunteer says something in Ukrainian and the American volunteer responds by saying the Spanish word for yes, “Si” she jokingly said to us “I keep saying Si like I’m I’m in Spain.”

Scott Baultry, from North Carolina who travels across the world with his wife as a missionary volunteer with Baptista talks to FNTV and tells us that it’s rewarding helping others but the fact that the Ukrainian people are so resilient and humble it’s confusing to the volunteer and he’s having to remind himself of the war that brought the two groups to meet.

The American volunteer who helped this woman in need of assistance spoke to us about his perspective on the situation many there are facing, “It’s sorta confusing because it’s so sad to have to be and it’s so rewarding to be able to be here, so it’s mixed feelings about the whole situation. You see the smiles on people’s faces when you help them but you also see the sadness and the tears because of the situation they’re in.”

“I didn’t believe it was gonna happen, I didn’t believe, I even sometimes found an excuse for Putin.” – Woman in disbelief

We spoke to a woman who was in disbelief of the possibility of war on Ukraine.

Alla Grip is one of the thousands of refugees fleeing who crossed through Hungary border today

Alla Grip, a New York City resident from the UWS, originally from Ukraine, has stayed in Ukraine until now because she wanted to see it with her own eyes. “I didn’t believe it was gonna happen, I didn’t believe, I even sometimes found an excuse for Putin. Even sometimes I’m trying to abjectly look at all of this. But now after 24 when I woke up.. oh gosh I’m crying right now. When my house was shaking and my windows and I said “FUCK!” Now I said ok he’s (Putin) crazy. It’s nuts but I didn’t wanna go. I could go right away, I could go before it even start and I said, my son said, get out from here and I said no, I wanna see all by my eyes. Because you know is the Internet, all this discussion and all this like fighting between peoples propaganda, this and that. No, it’s not propaganda. It’s not, so, it’s just crazy, we get out.”

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FreedomNews.TV)

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