McDonald’s Worker Stabbed Repeatedly, While Breaking Up Fight in NYC

A 31-year-old McDonald’s employee was critically wounded early Wednesday morning during an alleged assault with an armed individual inside the Manhattan fast food restaurant at E117th & 3rd Avenue. The victim who works as kitchen staff was stabbed repeatedly trying to break up a fight. The 30-year-old was rushed to an area hospital after being stabbed multiple times, police said.

“Stabbed him in the neck and in the back. My wife works in there.” – Concerned husband

Upon arrival, officers from the 25th precinct observed a restaurant lobby with massive amounts of blood throughout the dinning & lobby floor that spread into the kitchen area of the restaurant chain. A female worker led police to the wounded male worker who police say was stabbed in the neck, chest, and arm.

Concerned husband checking on wife who also works at McDonald’s.

According to police, for reasons still under investigation it’s unknown at this time what led to the altercation. The kitchen worker was stabbed multiple times and rushed to an area hospital with life threatening injuries. FNTV spoke with a concerned husband who rode his bicycle to the scene and mentioned to us that his wife was working inside of the McDonald’s during the incident. The concerned man mentioned to us that the victim was stabbed in the neck and back.

“An employee was fighting with a customer and as they entered inside the store he pulled out a knife and started stabbing him. Stabbed him in the neck and in the back. My wife works in there.” said a concerned husband

As of Wednesday morning, no arrests have been made. Detectives are searching for a lone suspect that fled the scene towards Lexington Avenue. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNews.TV)

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