Thousand Cars and Trucks Circle Washington DC Beltway as “People’s Convoy”

March 06, 2022 – WASHINGTON DC: On Sunday afternoon hundreds of Big Rig Truckers and other vehicles arrived in Maryland and looped around DC area, causing traffic delays, demanding an end coronavirus pandemic-related restrictions.

Hundreds of trucks, recreational vehicles and cars circled Washington DC in preparation for what their protesting drivers have pledged will be a week of traffic disruption around the US capital.

They have a collection of loose demands including end to coronavirus pandemic-related restrictions.

They based themselves in Hagerstown, Maryland, “People’s Convoy” of around 1,000 vehicles said they plan to disrupt traffic by driving slowly around Washington DC Beltway at a slow speed .

This is a spin-off of trucker protests that took off in Ottawa further and heavily disrupted Canadian traffic.

Video by NewYorkCityPeople (FNTV

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