“We Used to Shoot at Enemies, Now We Shoot at Our Brothers” – Volunteers Train to Patrol in Ukraine

March 3 2022 – LVIV, Ukraine: A group of volunteers gathered at an office hub in Lviv to learn and practice for local patrolling. Volunteers learned how to use guns, AK47 and knives as well as other self defense and attack tactics.

“We used to shoot our enemies, now we shoot our brothers – bam – one brother,” said the trainer. He thinks Ukraine has been too accepting of the conditions Russia has imposed for too long, and now it’s too late.

Others expressed that never expected to be at war with someone who was their friend. Maxim and Yulia both were at the training, Maxim patrols Lviv at night while Yulia helps around the office, cooking and taking care of their two small children 6 and 10.

Groups will be patrolling the city with local police as attack by Russia continues.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FreedomNews.TV)

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