Ukraine Citizens Flee; Panic after Hundreds of Casualties as Russia Attacks

Throughout Friday and into Saturday morning, many were still attempting to flee the Ukraine. Some families were even seen walking with only a few of their belongings. Russian forces continued with aggressive escalation, as gunfire and explosions echoed throughout the capital city of Kyiv.

Many Kyiv residents who did not flee are now sheltering in place. Ukrainian officials have been warning the public of incoming danger with air-raid sirens since early Friday morning.

“I want to wish to Putin and his family, to live through the same experience we are living through” said Dasha

We spoke with 28-year-old Dasha Polyushuk who’s traveling with her 1-year-old baby boy Maxim, out of Chernihiv Oblast to Poland in the hopes they will be let into the country.

Dasha Polyushuk, mother of a 1-year-old fleeing Ukraine to Poland

“I want to wish to Putin and his family, to live through the same experience we are living through” said Dasha

The 28-year-old mother who’s fleeing her home in the Ukraine went on to tell us “I want to tell Russia to stand up and not tolerate Putin Regime”

Dasha also reiterated the people’s plea for assistance from ally nations.

“We are relying on your American help, Biden help and NATO”

With a full assault underway on Ukraine’s infrastructure, Russian forces have reportedly destroyed bridges, schools, and apartment buildings. Reports of casualties in the hundreds have also started to pour in.

Saturday morning reports suggest an attack occurred on one of the airports in the Ukraine. The lingering feeling of uncertainty weighs heavy with a lot of families, many have no choice but to flee for the safety of their children.

“We had to drop everything and leave”

“We had to drop everything and leave, kids were going to school. We had our own small business, a bakery.” says a family who have been traveling for 12 hours straight in their attempt to make it to the Poland boarder. “safety is the most important thing to us”

Fuel is being rationed as a precautionary measure and those who have decided to shelter in place are seeing the supermarkets that are open to be mostly stocked.

Due to ongoing cyber attacks most businesses have switched over to cash only. Hotel rooms are not available anywhere. The demand is too great with the constant flow of people fleeing towards Poland

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FreedomNews.TV)

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