Ukraine Mourns Under Looming Threat of Russia Invasion On Maidan Massacre Anniversary

February 20, 2022 – Kyiv, Ukraine: Sunday evening a beautiful light installation called “Rays of Dignity” was lit up on display in the alley of heroes of the “Heavenly Hundred” on the anniversary of the Maidan Massacre in Kyiv, Ukraine.

People gathered in Maidan as the sky lit up for a rally Stand with Ukraine in remembrance of the people killed and to speak up against the war. A lighting of lamps along the Alley of Heroes of the “Heavenly Hundred” was also on display on the last day of remembrance vigils.

A group dressed in all black that calls themselves “Centuria” gathered in solidarity with the victims of the maidan massacre.

Seen with candles and roses to march down the Alley of “Heavenly Hundred” Sunday evening.

The group left roses and candles at the Hero’s memorial.

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko spoke about the tension with Russia at a recent event in Kyiv, Ukraine honoring the “Heavenly Hundred” on the 8th anniversary of Maidan Massacre.

“This makes Putin crazy because for him, this is the ruin of Russian Empire.”

“This is just a demonstration, of how big is the price Ukraine paid, just for our wishes to have a freedom. To have a democracy, to return back of our nation to the European family. This is just to demonstrate our decisiveness and this is just demonstrate how different is Ukraine and Russia.”

The former Ukrainian President went on to say, “This makes Putin crazy because for him, this is the ruin of Russian Empire. Ruin of his imagination over the dreams to restore the Soviet Union second edition. I’m proud that eight years ago, we were together during the Revolution of Dignity. Today we pray for the “Heavenly Hundred” that were the first victims of the Revolution of Dignity. Unfortunately, now is not a freezing conflict, this a hot war.”

“Putin is really prepared for the invasion. But If you ask me if invasion will happen? My answer is I don’t know. You know why? Because Putin doesn’t know ” said Former president Parashenko at Maidan Massacre anniversary Friday evening in Kyiv, Ukraine.

People also gathered at Mykhailivskyy Church in Kyiv Ukraine to mourn those that were killed 8 years ago in the maiden massacre. A vigil for the “Heavenly Hundred” was held at the Church

Mourners wore blue and yellow, colors of the Ukrainian flag in remembrance and decorated the areas around Maidan Nezalezhnosti where many protesters were shot and became known as the “Heavenly Hundred”.

Life in the Ukraine continues as normal even under the threat of a possible invasion, according to the (SBU) Ukraine’s security service, it has seen unprecedented attempts of cyber attacks that aim to influence the general public with misinformation.

The SBU has raised concerns over the strength of this secondary form of warfare as reports continue of Russia claiming to be ending their “standard military practices” of positioning troops around Ukraine’s border.

Video & Photos by Oliya Scootercaster (FreedomNews.TV)

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