“Hochul, Where Are You? Hochul, in The Sheraton Hiding.” Excluded Workers Demand Funding and New Legislation

February 16, 2022 – Manhattan, NY: Excluded Workers and supporters protest Governor Kathy Hochul outside of the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan, coinciding with the 2022 New York State Democratic Committee State Nominating Convention taking place at the Midtown hotel.

Excluded Workers marched from Paramount Plaza to the Sheraton Hotel in protest against Gov Kathy Hochul’s response for fair funding for all workers & also demand the passing of Good Cause Bill.

Protesters could be heard singing, “Hochul, Where Are You? Hochul, Where Are You? Hochul in The Sheraton Hiding.”


Photo by Ken Lopez (FreedomNews.TV)

Community members are calling on legislators to provide a plan of expansion for worker protections and for Governor Kathy Hochul to respond swiftly in passing the Excluded No More A9037/S8165 for all workers.

No arrests were made during the protest and the group dispersed peacefully following their rally

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNews.TV)

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