“How can a person live like this” Villagers 20km From Ukraine Front Line Share Their Fears

February 11, 2022 – Kordyumivka, Ukraine: Residents of a small village in Ukraine about 20km from the frontline, in the Donbas region, speak about the war and threat of invasion. “We need peace, not war, what do we need this war for?”

“We need peace, not war, what do we need this war for?” said one of the pensioners living in the small village, they say it’s been destroyed from poverty over time “People need peace, for factories to open and start working.
So the people can work, not be starving and standing outside of church begging”.

“What I want? Is at least for prices to be lower. For there to be calm, at least some, Illnesses have started, need a lot of medicine, I don’t want anything anymore, just to be buried.” said another elderly resident, who recently buried her husband, she spoke of prices increasing drastically since the war has started.

Residents of the Kordyumivka village receive coupons, with which they are able to receive free groceries by Triangle Volunteer company from France.

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