“Everyone is Mandating That I Get Something Injected Into My Body” – Anti-Mandate Rally’s in NYC

Anti-Mandate supporters rallied Friday afternoon at Penn Station in Manhattan for a group leaving from NYC to join a convoy of truckers in Canada.

We spoke with a small group of supporters outside of Penn Station who told us they were there in solidarity with other individuals who oppose mandates and with truckers in Canada.

“Everyone is mandating that I get something injected into my body or I’m not allowed to have employment. I don’t have a choice”

“We’re Here For a Knockout, We’re Not Here For a Jab.”

Unvaccinated city workers in New York City faced termination on Feb 11, for not complying with a city vaccination mandate.

At City Hall we spoke with Tommy Libretti, a recently fired Department of Sanitation New York (DSNY) city worker

Videos by Ken Lopez & Karla Coté (FreedomNews.TV)

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