MOOD ON UKRAINE FRONTLINE – As Biden Tells All Americans To Leave Within 48 Hours

Biden Administration Warns All Americans in Ukraine have 48 hrs to leave the Country

Earlier Friday morning, U.S. National security adviser Jake Sullivan warned of an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine. This full on assault could come included with heavy artillery such as missiles and belt-fed full powered heavy machine guns.

Russia has already deployed self-propelled 203mm heavy artillery tanks to areas near Belgorod and also in Crimea. Sullivan suggested Americans concerned for their own safety should depart the country.

The mood is heavy for the soldiers on the front lines. Most pass the time discussing what might happen. The soldiers say they’re ready to fight for and defend their country.

“We are afraid of war here,” we spoke with a resident of a the small village of Kordonivka, which is about 20km (12 miles) from the front line, about the high probability of conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FreedomNews.TV)

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