Soldiers and Puppies in Ukraine Border Trenches

February 04, 2022 – Svitlodarsk, UKRAINE – Soldiers on the front lines showed us a video made for their battalion and what equipment they are using.

“Their spot is right ahead, over there, that’s where they shoot at us ” a soldier explains to us in Svitlodarsk border trenches.

Soldiers wear white clothing to help blend in better with the snow. Soldiers showed our journalist around their battalions in Svitlodarsk, one of which is located 600 meters away from the Russian boarder.

Puppies or “Trench Pups” were also living amongst armed forces on the Ukraine Front line. Soldiers say they provide an essential form of security as an alarm, in addition to the animals being great companionship.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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