Gas Explosion In Brooklyn Leaves Families Displaced and 3 Homes Destroyed

February 04, 2022 – Brooklyn, NY: A gas explosion rocked a quiet residential block in the Bath Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn Friday morning. Three homes were completely destroyed following the incident. Two knocked down by the blast and the third home by emergency crews over structural concerns.

Just after 7:00 a.m., Fire emergency crews responded to 911 calls of a house explosion at Bay 35th street and Benson Avenue. Upon arrival firefighters observed heavy fire and structural damage to multiple buildings. The call was quickly upgraded to a two-alarm fire, requiring the response of up to 100-units.

The Office of Emergency Management and also Red Cross are assisting the displaced families of the adjoining homes.

No injuries or fatalities were reported following extensive searches by cadaver K-9s and emergency response teams. However concerns over further collapse of the damaged structures resulted in a delay of secondary searches.

We spoke with Yu Qing Chen, one of the residents that made it out safely from an adjoining home destroyed in the blast.

“I think last year from July or August we smelled a lot of gas.” When asked by our FNTV team journalist if calls were made to the city about the smell of gas Mr. Chen responded, “We called, we called a thousand times. We called Fire department. We called Gas Company. We called 911, they came to check, they did not detect any gas.” Chen said.

Mr. Chen went on to inform us that he and his family made it out of the home safely but their home is completely gone.

National Grid arrived at the location to shut off gas to the area just before Mayor Eric Adams gave a press conference in regards to the Friday morning explosion.

According to City Officials, all three buildings that were damaged in the explosion are needing to be demolished due to structural concerns. The Department of Building Inspectors also arrived at the location to assist as the investigation into this incident is ongoing

Video by Martin Callender (FreedomNews.TV)

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