“We Will Not Comply!” – Anti Mandate Groups Protest Joe Biden’s Visit to NYC

February 03, 2022 – Manhattan, NY: Joe Biden’s visit to NYC was met by Anti-mandate protests on Thursday afternoon in New York City. Dozens of protesters could be heard chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” And “We Will Not Comply!” as the President’s motorcade drove past the group.

President Biden was in the city to meet Mayor of NYC Eric Adams at 1 police Plaza to speak on gun Violence in the city.

An anti-mandate protester in the group talked with us about the heavy police presence and her opinion on the real problem in the city.

“Joe Biden came here to meet with Eric Adams to talk about gun violence, right? But we have all this police presence. Meanwhile if you get pushed in the train or you get raped or something like that, where’s the police response and presence? Well we came here to basically let Eric Adams know what are the real issues right now? The Mandates.” said Jo.

The group stood in the rain surrounded by a heavy police presence to voice their stance against mandates. The NYPD’s Strategic Response Group stood by with plastic handcuffs at the ready. The NYPD would also close off an area to contain protesters to one sidewalk during the protest. No arrests were made.

Video by Ken Lopez (FreedomNewsTV)

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