“We Can’t Back Away – Back There are Our Homes, Our Family” ON THE FRONT LINE with Ukraine

February 3 2022 – ZOLOTE, Ukraine Lughanks Region:
Soldiers with the Ukrainian Army stationed at the Eastern front near the border with Russia remain overall positive.

“We are forbidden to shoot, they shoot at us, we don’t shoot at them” stayed one of the soldiers at the #Ukraine border. Most say they don’t think an invasion will happen, but assure that they are ready if Russia takes that action.

“We don’t have anywhere to back away, back there are our homes, our family our friends” says a soldier who volunteered to be at Ukraine front lines.

21 Year old Yulia celebrated her birthday on the front line of Ukraine. She is a medic but does various other tasks. She spoke about the moment their ceiling was hit with “Миномёт” and the day their Commander was seriously injured with a shot to the head, he survived his injuries and is currently in recovery.

“They don’t say anything, don’t scream anything they just shoot, with a good aim” says soldier about situation at their battalion on the Ukraine border.

Soldier tells us if they start shooting from both sides “then it will be a real war”, if that happens he says “everyone will rise, the young, the old, the disabled”.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV Freedomnews.tv)

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