Searching Through Bomb Shelters in Kyiv, Ukraine

February 1 2022 – KYIV, Ukraine: The Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv, officially, has around 1,500 locations that can be used as bomb shelters and they are marked on Google Maps.

According to Journalist Illia Ponomarenko, about 20% of them are not fit for service based on official guidlines.

Today, this journalist investigated a few dozen locations, marked on Google Maps and it took about 15 minutes to actually find the first accessible location.
A large percentage of locations marked as shelters appear to be occupied by stores, restaurants and salons. While people inside were unable to confirm whether their location could be used as a bomb shelter, there were no other locations nearby that I could verify as such.

Subway stations, built during the period of time that Ukraine was part of the USSR, are also equipped to be bomb shelter locations. By design, stations go deep under the ground. This journalists visited the station called Zolotii Vorota.

Video by Oliya Scootercaster (FNTV

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